The Buckeye Community Hope Foundation (BCHF) was chartered in 1991 as a 501©(3) non-profit corporation with the mission of developing and facilitating affordable housing for low-income families. BCHF is in good standing and qualified to do business in the States of Ohio, West Virginia, Illinois, Indiana, Florida Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

In meeting this mission, BCHF has created, owns, or operates more than 4,700 units of affordable housing across the eight states previously cited. More than 500 additional units of housing are under development.

In 2004, BCHF was approved as a community school sponsor by the Ohio State Board of Education. Believing that community schools are an innovative and progressive approach for developing high quality educational options, BCHF seeks to foster and nurture productive relationships with Ohio community schools, providing ongoing guidance and professional oversight geared toward the success of community schools and their students. Realizing that community schools must be both educationally and fiscally sound, BCHF brings to its sponsorship role an unparalleled understanding of both teaching and the business of teaching. It is uniquely qualified to assist operators of community schools in creating educational systems that are both effective and self-sufficient.